International Exchange

  The College of International Exchange, formerly known as the Education Center of Foreign Students, is one of the early institutes in China offering Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL). Founded in 2005, the school had been a branch of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange. By the end of 2007, it was established as an independent college and served as a complement to TCFL and education of foreign students, as well as long-and-short term teaching programs. Under the college, there are two departments: the Department of TCFL and the Department of Chinese Language and Culture. There are 28 full-time teachers, among whom 14 are professors or associate professors, 13 lecturers and 1 teaching assistant. 95% of teachers have Master's degree or above, among whom one has a post-Doctorate degree and six have PhDs. Most teachers have experience lecturing Chinese in foreign countries. High-level visiting professors and part-time professors are also hired annually.

  For a long time, teachers of the College have been undertaking assignments from Hanban, the Confucius Institute headquarters, of TCFL in foreign countries. Since four overseas Confucius Institutes were founded by TFSU, another group of teachers has been sent abroad for TCFL.

  Courses for undergraduates are pragmatic and focus on foreign language studies. Courses for the first foreign language, English, are offered throughout all four years. Class hours for second foreign language courses are moderate. The School has also cooperated with many foreign universities in student exchange programs.

  At present, over 200 students from more than 20 countries, in addition to the over-200 Chinese undergraduates majoring in TCFL, study in the College.

  The TCFL major is aimed at fostering students’ abilities to teach Chinese as a foreign language and to conduct research on Chinese language and culture as well as comparative studies of Chinese and Western culture, thus making them high-level professionals in TCFL and overseas cultural dissemination. Required courses for TCFL majors are as follows: Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese, Classical Literature, World Literature, Chinese Literature in 20th Century, Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to Literature, Essentials of TCFL Development, Outline of Chinese Culture, TCFL Pedagogy, Applied Linguistics, Teaching Theory for the Second Language, Lexicology, Phonetics, Syntax, and Rhetoric.





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