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  English Studies at TFSU enjoys a history of over four decades, as the English Department was the first department ever established at the university. Co-established by the former English Department and the former Applied English Department, the School of English Studies is now the university’s largest academic unit. Students graduate with either their Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Master of Arts (M.A.). By July of 2004, nearly 8,000 graduates, including 300 postgraduates, had walked out of the school, forming a significant power in forming the backbone of the city’s economic development.

  English Studies is divided into four academic departments: Translation & Interpretation, English Culture & Literature, International Business, and Mass Communication, all offering four-year undergraduate programs. Meanwhile, academic affairs concerning postgraduate English programs are also under direct administration of the school. Postgraduate programs are available in various disciplines including British and American Literature, Translation Theory and Practice, American Society and Culture, English Education, and International Information.

  The School’s 156-member faulty consists of 24 professors, 58 associate professors, 66 instructors, eight teaching assistants, one associate researcher, one research assistant, and nine foreign experts and teachers. Of these faculty members, 34 have obtained their Doctorate Degrees, while another 102 possess Master’s Degrees, ten of whom are Ph.D. candidates, with an additional 20 Master’s Degree candidates. Each year, the school sends five to eight faculty members abroad for further research and studies.

  The School benefits greatly from its extraordinary faculty, which enjoys an unparalleled reputation for both its excellence in classroom instruction and dedication to independent research and study. Professor Jin Di, author of the very first full Chinese version of Ulysses, was known for his lifelong devotion to translation studies and practice. Having brought him a worldwide reputation, Jin’s remarkable academic achievements have always had great significance attached in the world’s translation studies. Professor Lin Kenan is another scholar renowned for his fruitful researches in translation studies, with his theory for pragmatic translation continually shedding light on translation practices. Additionally, the Chinese version of Harvard’s Bluespark Series, consisting of 50 volumes in total, by Prof. Zhang Binjiang enjoys great popularity among readers nationwide, while Prof. Ma Zhongyuan, a dedicated scholar with special insight into Shakespeare’s plays, is respected as having profound influences on Shakespearean studies both at home and abroad. 

  English Studies students outshine their peers with both their high English competency and excellent cross-cultural communication skills, which can be best demonstrated through the various volunteer service they have done. Students undertake a variety of tasks as translators, interpreters, and receptionists for international conferences, exhibitions, and sports competitions held in Tianjin, for example the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, the International Comic Arts Festival, the Water Ski World University Championships, the International Housing and Planning Association Conference, the Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championship, and the Tianjin International Children's Art Festival. This volunteer work has already become a window for the world to better know TFSU.

  International academic exchange programs are offered by Tianjin Foreign Studies University. It has already established a worldwide network of educational cooperation with 22 higher education institutions across five countries to provide easy access to overseas studies for students. Degree programs such as the 3+1 and 2+2 programs are arranged by TFSU with Britain’s Aston University, Canadian College, and Australia’s Edith Cowen University. Through these exchange programs, students receive dual degrees from TFSU and its counterparts. Meanwhile, overseas students and professors are invited into TFSU each year to help students to get closer to the outside world. TFSU’s Educational Services Exchange with China (ESEC), Inc. Program began with the United States as early as 1985, offering programs in International Business Studies each year in which students learn professional knowledge while enjoying an enclosed English-speaking environment.

  A 93% employment rate of graduates shows society’s trust in the School of English Studies. With students excelling in every sector of society ranging from education, to enterprise and diplomacy, English Studies continually takes the leading role in TFSU’s progress in fostering brilliant minds and cultivating strong capabilities.




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